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What's A Wobble Wedge?

Wobble Wedges® are a modular system of precision engineered, securely stackable, non-slip, tapered leveling shims made in the USA. They are available in four interlocking and cross-nesting sizes, in both soft and hard plastic.


Wobble Wedge installation shims can be used independently or they can be stacked in any combination or orientation to level, tilt, pry, twist, tighten, align, separate and cushion. They have been used by restaurants, plumbers, building contractors, industrial manufacturers, fountain installers and home users for over 25 years.

Why Do Wobble Wedges® Work So Well?

They’re Securely-Stackable™ With a No-Slip Grip


Once under load, their patented and deep off-set ridge pattern insures that Wobble Wedges will not slip, twist or slide apart vertically or horizontally.

You Can Slice-‘em and Dice-‘em


Soft Wobble Wedges are easy to trim with a regular pair of scissors or a sharp utility knife. You can trim them to a perfect fit for any application.

They’ve Got Grababilty™


Wobble Wedges have a unique Grab-Bar™ that makes it easy to place, adjust or retrieve them even when they are inserted too far.

Wobble Wedge Colors



The Kit for Every Shimming Need