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Shims For Anything That Wobbles, Rattles, or Tilts

The versatility, precision and superior functionality of Wobble Wedges sets them apart as the professional quality tapered installation shim. For over 25 years they have been essential for:

Everyone Needs a Wobble Wedge® Because the World Still isn't Flat

Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurants and cafes use Wobble Wedge tapered shims to quickly and easily level wobbly tables—even when guests are already seated.


The unique twice patented design of Wobble Wedge tapered shims allows plumbers to install, fix, and level plumbing fixtures quicker and easier than with other shims.

Plumbing contractors use Wobble Wedge tapered shims to:

  • Level sinks
  • Stabilize shower stalls
  • Silence rattling water pipes

Home and Office

Wobble Wedge shims also have hundreds of uses in your home or office—from leveling that annoying shaky desk or dresser to silencing rattling pipes. Wobble Wedge shims are a highly adaptable tool that solves hundreds of bothersome household problems instantly.


The Kit for Every Shimming Need