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Wobble Wedges® For Stone Countertops 


Preferred By Stone Industry Contractors Since 1985

The original and twice patented Wobble Wedges® are precision engineered tapered shims used by the Solid Surface industry to precisely align countertop seams quickly and permanently

Countertop installers have relied on the superior functionality and performance of Wobble Wedge® shims for over 25 years.

Save Time and Reduce Lifting on Every Installation

  • Easily level granite, marble and other solid surface countertops.
  • Align countertop seams permanently and precisely without needing to repeatedly lift the stone.

Learn how to level stone countertops with Wobble Wedge® tapered shims.

Wobble Wedges Are Easy to Adjust or Retrieve Even if They’re Pushed in Too Far.

To get your wedge back, lift the stone slightly with a pry bar and pull the wedge out using needle nose pliers on the grab bar.

No other stone shim has this very handy time-saving feature.