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Install Plumbing Fixtures Faster, Easier, and More Precisely


Wobble Wedges®—The Plumber's Best Toilet Shim

Wobble Wedges® are the precision engineered toilet shims used by plumbing contractors for over 25 years to fix wobbly toilets, level sinks, adjust drainage on tubs, stabilize shower stalls, level water heaters, silence rattling water pipes and more. They are available in both hard plastic to support heavy loads and soft easy-to-trim flexible plastic to cushion and protect.

Use Soft Wobble Wedges® to Fix Wobbly Toilets


Soft Wobble Wedges are easy to trim with a utility knife, tin snips or even scissors. Their rubber-like structure and deep ridge pattern conforms to the uneven surfaces under toilets insuring a firm no-slip grip and rock-solid stability. 

How To Fix a Wobbly Toilet With a Wobble Wedge Toilet Shim

Install Sinks, Tubs, and Showers with Soft Wobble Wedges®

Soft Wobble Wedges provide a soft cushion to protect delicate porcelain, glass, stone, or granite fixtures from chipping or cracking.

Silence Rattling Water Pipes

Soft Wobble Wedges absorb vibration and reduce or eliminate rattles between pipes, HVAC panels and more. Slipping a Soft Wobble Wedge between a pipe hanger and a water line, or wrapping one around a pipe running through a joist are two common uses.

Hard Wobble Wedges® Are Used for Plumbing Too

Hard Wobble Wedges work well for all plumbing applications. They work best for installing utility sinks, tubs, hot tubs and other heavy fixtures that require more rigid support.

5 Ways Wobble Wedges® Toilet Shims Save Valuable Time

#1 Stack ’em—Wobble Wedges Won’t Slip In Any Direction

Wobble Wedges are the only toilet shims that feature Secure-Stackability™ in any orientation and any combination. Stack them tall, flat or tapered. Once stacked, they won’t slip up or down or side to side under any pressure. They won’t even twist apart.


#2 Trim Them to Fit—They Cut like Butter

Soft Wobble Wedges are so easy to trim some plumbers say, “They’re the flexible shim that cuts like butter.”™ Slip one or more under the back of a wobbly toilet, tighten the bolts, and slice off the excess shim with one stroke of a sharp utility knife. It’s easy, precise, fast, and it creates instant stability.


#3 Grab Them—Even When They’re in Too Far

Wobble Wedge® shims are easy to adjust or retrieve even if they’re pushed in too far.

To get your wedge back there is no need to lift the toilet. Just grab the Pull Out Bar with needle nose pliers to pull it out and reposition it. No other toilet shim has this very handy and time-saving feature.

#4 Level and Stabilize—Even Over Rough or Uneven Surfaces

Under slight pressure, the rubber-like texture of Soft Wobble Wedges conforms to the shape of the toilet and the floor, creating a powerful non-slip grip and a reliable foundation for leveling and stabilizing. At the same time, as you tighten the toilet bolts the Wobble Wedges exert a gentle resistive force between the toilet and floor to ensure long term stability.

#5 Won’t Shrink, Swell or Rot Away—Count on Them for Years

Once installed Soft Wobble Wedges stay put and do their work for years. They will not shrink, swell or rot away even with routine exposure to moisture. This means less repairs and fewer call backs after initial installation.

Only Wobble Wedges feature Secure-Stackability™

Once you stack’em, they stay put!