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Wobble Wedges® For Fountain Installation


The original and twice patented Wobble Wedges® are a precision engineered system of tapered shims available in 4 interlocking sizes. They are used by the cast concrete industry to stabilize, level and adjust fountains, statuary, bird baths, cast steps, cast concrete blocks and more. Learn how>

Quality Fountain Installation Shims Since 1985

The ornamental and cast concrete industry has relied on standard sized Hard Wobble Wedges shims for over 20 years now. More recently they are beginning to use both the new Hard Mini-Wobble Wedge™ and the new Hard Big-Gap™ Wobble Wedge shims.

Use Wobble Wedges® Fountain Shims To:


Level and Stabilize

Fountains, statues, cast steps, cast concrete blocks

Adjust Water Flow

Precisely adjust flow of water between fountain tiers

Silence Rattles and Absorb Vibration

Reduces vibration and sound caused by rattling between pipes or pump housing panels.

Learn how to use Wobble Wedges® to:

  1. Install Concrete Water Fountain with Perfect Water Flow
  2. Install, Level & Stabilize Precast Concrete Steps
  3. Level Concrete Block Courses


Wobble Wedge® Cast Concrete Partners:

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