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Wobble Wedges Come in 4 Interlocking Sizes

Wobble Wedges®are now available in 4 shim sizes in both soft and hard plastic. All sizes can be used independently or stacked together in any combination or any orientation to level, tilt, pry, twist, tighten, align, separate, cushion, bend, glue, sand or silence. Learn more at “Cool Tips”

Use Standard Wobble Wedge to:

  • Fix Wobbly Tables
  • Stabilize Wobbly Toilets
  • Level Bookshelves
  • Install Commercial Glass Doors and much more.

The perfect size for hundreds of shimming needs.

Use Mini-Wobble Wedges to:

  • Tighten Window Screens
  • Level Table Top Flower Arrangements
  • Tighten Loose Cabinet Drawer Fronts and more.

So small, they're easy to hide.

Use BigGap Wobble Wedges To:

  • Stabilize Outdoor Tables on Patios or Lawns
  • Level Shop Tools
  • Make Jigs
  • Level Pre-cast Concrete Steps and much more.

For the really big wobbles.

Interlocking & Securely-Stackable in Any Orientation or Combination


Wobble Wedges’ deep off-set ridge pattern insures they are Securely-Stackable™. Once stacked and bearing weight, they won’t twist or slide apart in any direction.

Stack’em Flat or At an Angle