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The Kit for Hobbyists and Professionals with a Variety of Shimming Needs

The ShopShim Kit combines both hard and soft wedges in a variety of sizes to meet almost any shimming need. Used alone, or in any combination, they facilitate precise, repeatable, and secure adjustments in numerous installation, repair, and assembly applications. In a class by themselves, Wobble Wedges will proove to be your shim of choice for every shimming task.

Kit includes:

  • Hard Wedges
  • 5 Standard, Clear
  • 5 Standard, Black
  • 8 Mini, Clear
  • 4 BigGap, Clear
  • Soft Wedges
  • 5 Standard, Clear
  • 8 Mini, Clear
  • 2 BigGap, Clear

Note: The ShopShim kit does not include BigGap2 Wobble Wedges.

Using Wobble Wedges in the Shop. To learn more about using Wobble Wedges in your professional woodworking, or hobby shop, visit the Shop Use page.

Wobble Wedge Interlocking System. To learn more about how the four Wobble Wedge sizes work together in an interlocking system, click here.

Wobble Wedge Sizes, Materials, & Colors. To learn more about the different sizes and materials Wobble Wedges are available in, click here.